Friday favorites

A few things from the interwebs that caught my attention this week:

I love this artist’s work

An interesting article about what happens when you die alone

Good information

I loved her list and enjoyed listening to a few that I haven’t heard before. I’ll get to the others soon.

These had me cracking up at my desk today. Some of them are so spot on.


Have a good weekend!


Friday favorites

I love lists. Especially lists that people put together of fun and interesting things they find on the internet. I’m also a fan of the internet and am constantly amazed at what I find, So I’ve decided to do my own, although mine is really just a place for me to go back to when I want to re-visit the links, rather than being a place people come to for inspiration. That would mean I’ve actually told people about this blog and  pointed them this way. 🙂

I always love advice: People share advice #4 is one of my favorites:)

I used two of these ideas just this week: What we cook when we don’t want to cook anything

This re-make of the Jurassic World trailer. Fantastic. Love the raptors.

Fall back in love with your life. Yes. So much yes.

Loving this podcast

How to lose weight in 4 easy steps. Freaking hilarious.

Someday I’m going to host Friendsgiving. It probably won’t be this pretty though…

Have a wonderful weekend!