Currently: December 2014

readingEleanor and Park. And this website. I’ve been reading all her archives. Beautiful love story.

drinking: water, water and more water. I gave up all sugar, natural and artificial, in October and while it’s been life changing on most levels it’s also very boring.

listening to : Christmas music (obviously) but also Elliott Smith (who I’ve always loved but never just sat and listened to track after track) and Taylor Swift (no judgement!)

feeling: a little overwhelmed about the holidays. Always have such good intentions for activities and crafts and such but they never come to fruition. I didn’t even attempt December Daily this year.

watching: Re-watching Inspector Lewis on Amazon streaming. Nate and I are also watching Broadchurch (so we can watch the American version afterwards)

enjoying: the much needed rain of the past few days.

coveting: a GoPro camera. For a big anniversary trip we’re planning for July. And this Wes Anderson book (swoon)

making: a baby book for my sister-in-law (it’s her Christmas gift) of my niece’s first year.

planning: a couple of vacations. a couple of blog entries, a couple of days at the cabin at Christmas time. I am always planning, you guys;)


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