TBT: Nicola and Alex

This past weekend I went to a baby shower for my daughter’s friend Nicola. It was a bit unreal going to a baby shower for one of Alex’s closest friends. I can’t imagine Alex having a baby. I’m definitely not ready for a grandchild. Nate and I just stopped talking about having one ourselves 2 years ago so I definitely can’t imagine Alex pregnant. She’s still my baby! Even if she can legally drink in less than a month! IMG_7075 These two though. They have been through so much together. So many ups and downs through the years but they’ve stuck it out. For us, Nicola is like a second daughter . She’s accompanied us on numerous vacations, slept over more times than I can count, been to family functions. Even my dad sees Nicola as another granddaughter.

My kid. Such a goofball.IMG_7077

Seeing them this weekend brought back so many memories of the girls when they were younger.I miss those years. They grow up so fast…one moment they are 14 & wearing braces and the next they are having babies and drinking in bars. It’s enough to make a person feel old…

Look at those baby faces.


Despite their many problems over the years I am so glad that they are still friends. I know they love each other even when they act as if they don’t. Like any relationship there are always going to be issues that you have to overcome.IMG_0871IMG_2499 I hope they always have affection for each other and I hope they always realize how important their friendship is. How important all friends are.  I’ve never been one to throw friends over for a boyfriend and I hope they remember that as they move through life.



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