I had a whole plan to post the first part of our anniversary trip story to the blog today but Monday got in the way.

The day started out with me struggling to get a sock on my foot correctly (took me 3 tries) and went steadily downhill from there. It wasn’t a bad day but just one fraught with annoyances and a busy-ness that didn’t lend well to me being able to get much personal stuff accomplished. I spent most of tonight over-thinking the essay I have due on Friday. And the more I researched it the more lost I began to feel about it. I have 4 more papers due, including this one and then class is done. I just need to try to find the strength to write 4 more papers.

So today’s post is really about nothing. Except me feeling overwhelmed.

Here is a mantra that got me through today:


Hope your Monday was better than mine!


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