NaBloPoMo Prompt #10

It’s come to this. I have no time to work on my planned posts so I’m using a prompt. Sigh.  I can guarantee this won’t be the last time…

Tuesday, November 10

What is the hardest part of a big project: getting the energy to begin, finding the time to work on it, or feeling down that it’s over?

Based on the first part of this post I’m going to say that finding time to work on a big project is the hardest part. Like blogging every single day. That’s a big project because I don’t have that much to say on a daily basis.  But, this holds true for most of my big projects…the reason I don’t finish my list every year usually comes down to time. The reason I’m behind on Project Life, which again, is a big project is a lack of time. There just isn’t enough time in my day to get to everything. And usually it’s the fun personal projects that get shoved to the side. It’s unfortunate but true. I am, after 45 years, still trying to find the balance in my life to fit everything in.

So yeah, I could definitely use more time to finish big projects. Maybe when school is out in December.


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